Hi, my name’s Laura and this is my blog. I’m 24, originally from a small town in North Yorkshire (a strange place in between farms, sheep and ‘Darlo‘) but for the past 6 years Manchester has mainly been my home. I work in recruitment; the career that everyone fell into by accident. My main love/passion/hobby is food – cooking, eating, dining out, reading, watching, foraging…. anything to do with food!

That’s why this blog has come about. I need to do something productive with my life (not that making legal secretaries’ dreams come true isn’t enough) and maybe one day I could turn this hobby into a living….that’s the dream.

Oh, also, as the title of the blog may suggest, I’m vegetarian. I was brought up vegetarian by my vegetarian parents (controversial I know! – but I coped…) so being vegetarian is all I’ve ever known and comes second nature. I pretty much side with all justifications for vegetarianism but I think in the main I’m trying to do my bit to limit the damage we are doing to the planet.

So, I have no idea how my writing is at the moment so anyone who happens to read this may have to bear with me whilst I figure out some sort of structured way of getting my meandering thoughts down on ‘paper’. I intend to write about pretty much anything food-related which I think might come in useful for other people.

I welcome any comments/questions/criticisms (maybe)….

Also if you feel like having a little stalk of my normal life: instagram.com/wooody1230 – I aim to start posting more food-related photos soon!

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